Manège de l'utérus hanté

by Maya Kuroki and Tomomi Morimoto

Choreography and Dance: Tomomi Morimoto
Direction, Music, Decors and Video: Maya Kuroki
Musicians: Patrick Graham, Maya Kuroki
Light design: Joshua Lamb

Premiere: 2009
Length: 55-minute

2007.06 Montreal Fringe Festival Montreal (work in progress - 45-minute) / Montreal, QC
2009.02 L'Envers (excerpt) / Montreal, QC
2009.06 Festival L'Écho d'un Fleuve (excerpt) / Montreal, QC
2009.03 Tangente, Edgy Women Festival (excerpt) / Montreal, QC
2009.05 Tangente, Festival Accès Asie / Montreal, QC
2011.02 Festival MNM (Montréal Nouvelles Musiques) /
Montreal, QC


Manège de l’utérus hanté is a dance work integrating theatrical aspects, live music and art installations. The work explores the phenomenon of rebirth, based on a Japanese Buddist training called “Tainai-Meguri”, by which we are brought to experience a new birth, rediscovering our senses by walking through a cave in complete darkness and silence, as if we go back into the womb of our mother.


The realization of this project was made possible by the generosity of the vivacité Montréal program (Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec) and the MAI - Montreal arts interculturels.
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