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Photo: Jonathan Clark

Tomomi Morimoto is a Japanese choreographer and dancer based in Montreal, Canada.

Born in Tokyo, Tomomi began her dance career at a very early age. In 1998, after ten years of figure skating and twelve years of ballet, Tomomi joined Company EAST for whom she was a lead dancer and physical theatre performer for six years.

Since her move to Montreal in 2004, Tomomi has performed in numerous dance, film and theatre productions across Canada. Tomomi has also created and performed a variety of short choreographies in the context of a wide range of music shows, in collaboration with artists such as Dynamo Coléoptera (
Tamagoléoptera, 2008), Maya Kuroki (Mudai, 2011), Patrick Graham (Rheō, 2009), and Komodo (Ballistika, 2009; Mist, 2010).

Tomomi is also an emerging choreographer who is catching the eye of producers and critics alike. Her artistic practice is influenced by an interest in the convergence of Eastern and Western approaches to movement and aesthetic. She draws on her training in ballet, figure skating, physical theatre and contemporary dance and blends these with elements inspired by Butoh, to create her own unique language that is intricate, primal and highly physical.

In 2007, she presented her first full-length production entitled
Manège de l’utérus hanté at the Montreal Fringe Festival (in collaboration with Maya Kuroki). The piece received rave reviews and was selected by Tangente as Best dance work of the Fringe 2007. The work was then presented in 2009 by Tangente, in collaboration with Festival Accès Asie, as part of their regular season.

Following that, Tomomi collaborated with the compagnie musicale La Nef to create
Notes de chevet (2010), which was presented at the Festival Transatlantique. Tomomi also benefited from a long term mentorship at the MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels), during which time she created Threshold (2011), which premiered at the MAI. Threshold received awards from La danse sur les routes du Québec and Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique at the Festival Vue sur la Relève in 2012. Tomomi’s latest work, Inhabitation (2012), was commissioned by, and premiered at, the CanAsian International Dance Festival in Toronto.

*Member of ACTRA and RQD