by Tomomi Morimoto

Choreography and Performance: Tomomi Morimoto
Dramaturg: Elizabeth Langley
Light design: David-Alexandre Chabot
Music: Soundscape & throat singing by Komodo,
Honte no shirabe by Atsuya Okuda
(from the album “The Sound of Zen”)
Costume: Denis Olivier Caron

Premiere: 2012
Length: 15-minute solo

2012.02 CanAsian International Dance Festival / Toronto, ON
2013.05 Tangente and MAI - Montréal, arts interculturels (co-productions), Festival Accès Asie / Montreal, QC


Inhabiting, inhabited.
The invisible movements of
a soul can be seen only
in the moment when it resides
in the flesh. This could be called dance.

Reaching back beyond “the traditions” to arrive at “the primitive” is the key to this creation. Inspired by the traditional folklore of Japanese ghost stories Inhabitation reflects the ever-changing histories of humanity. Can our instincts be the basis for another kind of reality that points towards an inner truth?


Inhabitation was commissioned by, and premiered at, CanAsian International Dance Festival.
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