“Throughout her new work, Threshold, Tomomi Morimoto changes register, going beyond the limits of the body into a primal journey, a return to the origins. “

“Once again, the artist blew away the audience with a performance that was choreographically, artistically and physically fascinating. Both dancer and orchestra conductor, Tomomi offers a poignant, concentrated and mesmerizing performance.”

“Sharing the stage with a sound board and a few instruments, the dancer moves through the cosmos. Like the caterpillar turning into a butterfly, the star of the show works with concepts akin to evolution, progression and retrogression, being swallowed and snapping back, all of which are powerfully represented by various symbols and metaphors.”

- Thomas Bastien,, March18, 2011

“For a small hour, Tomomi Morimoto kept my attention with a show that has no lengthy parts, and during which I went from one surprise to another. Either wearing a costume, scantily dressed or simply in the nude, this choreographer offered us the kind of show that corresponds to my tastes with its mystery, its visual and sound effects, its nudity and its energetic action. I really appreciated passing through the small MAI venue and feeling disorientated.”

- Nomand Parisien, Voir, March 18th, 2011

(Both quotes are originally written in French translated by Stefan Cédilot)